Monday, July 26, 2010

My New Hobby

Well, this is it.... blogging! My new hobby. It seems like something I could really enjoy. I have always loved journaling and this seems like so much more fun! So bear with me as I learn all about this new digital hobby of mine.

So, a little more about me... I am a stay at home mom of five kids (*GASP*) 2, 5, 7, 9,and 18. Only four live here now and my five year old is starting school this year. I have a wonderful "husband" who works hard to support all of us. Legally we aren't married but believe me, spiritually we are completely committed to one another. More than in some marriages I've seen.

I seem to have a lot to talk about and Quentin, my two year old, just isn't interested anymore! Also I need a more intelligent conversation than the little people in my house can deliver. My husband is a man of few words. He also works outside in the Missouri heat and humidity, so when he gets home he needs time to recover and relax. Understandable, but not much conversation.

I don't have a specific "theme" for my blog. As the title suggest, I think my everyday life is amazing, but very common. Some days I can't get that damn "Hot Diggity Dog" song out of my head so I probably won't be much of a contributor. Alot of the time it will be what I think are cute things my beautiful children did that day, but one day I may need to vent. I am also very into politics, which I hope doesn't upset anyone. That is not why I am here. I will most likely get in to my past at some point and also my future. I don't claim to be 'Susie homemaker' but I could have some good tips here and there. I may even ask for advice from time to time.

I know other people have similar minor miracles happening in their lives on a daily basis too. And I am sure they can relate. I welcome and appreciate all comments.

--In my best 'MONSTERS' voice-- "WELCOME TO MY BLOG" ---- Thank you for visiting.

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